Our Mazda Dealer in Utah is Proud to be Part of Mazda’s Drive For Good Charity Event

Our Utah Mazda dealership was excited to have the chance to contribute to Mazda’s drive for good charity.  Mazda raised a significant amount of charitable service hours as well as a great amount of money.

Our Mazda dealerships and Mazda corporate did a great job raising money and service hours for those charities in need.  Their drive for good event started November 25, 2013 and ran through January 2, 2014.  In that time, we raise an outrage amount of money to give back to the community.

Being one of the local Mazda dealers in Utah, we are excited to hear how great Mazda’s drive for good event turned out.  During Mazda drive for good event, every new Mazda vehicle purchased they donated $100 to one of the four national, or 32 local charities, with the choice being left up to the customer.   The national charities that Mazda worked with was: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, American Heart Association, American Red Cross, and Mazda Foundation.

Mazda dealer utahThe drive for good event raised $2,751,700 to be donated to charity.  According to Jim O’Sullivan, president and CEO, MNAO said, “Giving back to our communities is a part of who we are”; this time of year these amazing charities need all the help they can get that is why we also donated our time.

Utah Mazda Dealers Support Local Charities

On top of the money donation, Mazda also donated one hour of charitable service for every new Mazda test-drive that was taken during this event.  Mazda employees and dealers across the nation collected 56,435 hours to be donated throughout the charities.

Our Mazda dealership serving Provo, Orem Mazda, is honored to be part of this great charitable event.   We believe in giving back to charities in need as well as our community.  We are very pleased that the drive for good event was able to raise an outstanding amount of money that will be greatly used throughout the charities.

About Orem Mazda

Orem Mazda is known for the popular BMazda Benefits. Our Mazda dealership is a family owned and operated dealership that strives to provide outstanding customer service.  We give our customers tons of incentives to keep them coming back for new or used Mazda models, Mazda service, parts, and more!  Ask one of our knowledgeable staff about our customer for life program.

Orem Mazda

55 E University PWY

Orem, UT 84058



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